What should I wear?

Attire is "formal".

Most men will be wearing suits and ties, but feel free to wear whatever you normally wear to a wedding. Most women will be wearing dresses, either cocktail or gown work. The ceremony will be outside and we have access to the deck overlooking Lake Ontario for all of the evening, so you may want to bring a shawl or something warm depending on what the weather is like.

How can I get around?

We highly recommend signing up for Uber if you haven't already. We suspect it'll be the easiest way to get to and from the venue, though streetcar and taxis will also work. Note you cannot take Uber from the airport when you arrive, but you are able to take it to the airport when you're leaving. 

Watch out for road closures on Sunday, June 3. It is the annual Ride for Heart, so much of the Gardiner Expressway will be closed until sometime in the afternoon. Just plan a little extra time for getting to the airport if you're flying out Sunday morning or afternoon.

The TTC runs the subways, streetcars and buses in Toronto. Transit makes for an easy and economical way to get around downtown and beyond. You can pay with cash, get yourself a prepaid Presto card, buy weekly or even daily passes (2-for-1 on weekends).

The UP Express is a train that runs between the airport to downtown. For those of you staying a short walk from Union Station, this could be an easy and cheap option at $9-$12 depending on how you're paying (it's cheaper if you have a Presto card).

How do I get in touch?

We've got an email set up expressly for wedding purposes - adamandmia2018@gmail.com - but feel free to contact us by whatever means.